Almost one Belgian in two is digitally vulnerable

What is your organisation doing to get everyone on board in the digital age?

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Figures on digital inequalities in Belgium, and the challenge they pose to our society.

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BEEGO Computerhulp aan huis met de fiets

Since 2017, Beego has been committed to digital inclusion. 

Beego started with students providing digital home assistance.

After rolling out this service in Flanders and Brussels, Beego developed the digicheque. This allows public administrations and partners to enable Beego students integrated into their own operations.

Besides help at home, there is also a high need for help at central locations, also called digipoints. These locations provide a low-threshold yet personalised approach to supporting people digitally. Beego relieves organisations that want to start up digipoints. This can range from service centres, libraries to city counters but also bank branches and other branches. For specific applications or apps, Beego provides additional training for students so that they can act as true ambassadors of the relevant digital services.

Meanwhile, Beego has provided digital assistance to more than 30,000 people and operates across Belgium.

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