Since 2017, Beego has been committed to digital inclusion.

Beego started with students providing digital assistance at home.

After rolling out this service in Flanders and Brussels, Beego developed the digicheque. This allows public administrations and partners to engage Beego students integrated into their own operations.

Besides help at home, there is also a high need for help at central locations, also called digipoints. These locations provide a low-threshold yet personalised approach to supporting people digitally. Beego relieves organisations that want to start up digipoints. This can range from service centres, libraries to city counters but also bank branches and other branches. For specific applications or apps, Beego provides additional training for students so that they can act as true ambassadors of the relevant digital services.

Meanwhile, Beego has provided digital assistance to more than 30,000 people and is active throughout Belgium.

BEEGO team
BEEGO Studenten op de fiets

Our students

At Beego, a large team of bright IT students is at your service. All our students are thoroughly selected for both their technical knowledge and their ability to convey it in human language. For the students, it is also a very instructive way to gain experience in the field.

Beego and colleges

Several colleges consider it valuable for their students to gain practical experience. Therefore, they encourage students to commit to a student job at Beego. So the students not only earn a penny on the side, they receive a number of points for this that count towards their field of study. Moreover, they help reduce the digital divide and contribute to society.

BEEGO man met laptop
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BEEGO werkt samen met artesis plantijn hogeschool antwerpen
BEEGO werkt samen met KdG
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Our team behind the scenes

Foto Betty


Customer whisperer

Betty is BEEGO’s customer whisperer. When you call us, you always get Betty on the phone. She makes sure all customers always get an appointment at the right time, with a nice chat of course!

Foto Morane


Community manager

Morane is one of our community managers, who take care of all Beego students. They select and supervise new students. Morane is also responsible for the digipoints at our partners: she always matches the right student with the right digipoint, making sure everyone is helped adequately.

Foto Kristien


Community manager

Kristien is one of our community managers, taking care of all Beego students. Together with Morane, she selects and supervises new students. She also ensures smooth cooperation with municipalities that want to use Beego students for their digipoints and/or other IT support.

Foto Frederick



Frederick is Beego’s founder. After years of experience in the telecom sector, he decided to start BEEGO from scratch. He is a passionate impact entrepreneur with one goal: to reduce the digital divide.

Foto Manno


Lead Developer and Co-founder

Manno is Beego’s co-founder. He is Beego’s IT specialist and the one who makes sure our digital platform is ever more convenient. He is our chief IT officer who finds a solution for everything.

Foto Matthias


Back-end Developer – Dev Ops specialist

Matthias is an old acquaintance at Beego. He once started here as an intern, but by now, he has a lot of professional experience on his record. He is very passionate about everything concerning Back-End and Dev Ops to make the development environment more efficient.

Foto Staf


UX/UI front-end developer

Staf is our front-end developer and has no less than 15 years of experience in UX and UI-related roles. He is a creative jack-of-all-trades with a passion for design, web design , front-end development and dry humour.

Foto Leen


Marketing officer

Leen is our marketing officer. She runs our social media, sends monthly newsletters and writes the Tip articles that appear on Beego.be. She also organises the webinars and makes sure they always remain clear and engaging.