The digicheque for partners and public administrations

IT students from Beego provide digital assistance at home. They do so in exchange for a digicheque. These cheques allow public administrations and our partners to tailor Beego’s offerings to their target groups.

The target groups are diverse: they can range from beginners taking their first steps in the digital world to advanced computer users. They are often vulnerable target groups who experience problems and challenges in our digitalised society. Anyone who experiences digital barriers in practice can turn to Beego.

Other partners and service providers also call on Beego to strengthen their digital offerings. Digital services are thus supported by IT students from Beego. They advise people and help them further with online banking, for example the app Itsme, portal websites and other online services.

Beego digicheque

Beego students mainly come to the home, but are also sometimes deployed as digital doctors in libraries or public computer rooms. The offer is always tailored to the target group: vulnerable target groups, newcomers, seniors, vulnerable families, young people, … The digicheque as a voucher can be offered free of charge or at a reduced rate. Is Beego not yet active in your municipality or region? Activation only takes one month. Beego’s aim is to provide digital assistance at home or on location, tailored  to the income of the target group. Anyone can therefore call on Beego students!

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The following non-exhaustive list lists some of Beego’s partners.

BEEGO stad Gent logo

City of Ghent

In Ghent, vulnerable people can obtain a digipackage through the OCMW. A digipack includes a laptop, an internet allowance, 2 digicheques from Beego and training at Leerpunt. BEEGO students help with installation and basic knowledge to get started with a computer. Users receive 2 digicheques , so a 2th hour explanation can also be given if needed. This project is a great example of a commitment to the digital divide consisting of three parts: access, skills and services.

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beego en stad antwerpen

City of Antwerp

BEEGO is a partner of the City of Antwerp’s Digitally Inclusive Neighbourhood project. Through community work, people can obtain digital assistance from BEEGO, either at home or at the community work, via a BEEGO digicheque.

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City of Sint Niklaas

City of Sint Niklaas deploys Beego digicheques for different target groups:

  • Most vulnerable people through CPAS pay 1 euro for one hour of help
  • People with an opportunity pass (VT) pay 3 euros for one hour of help at home
  • Other citizens pay 20 euros (instead of 40 euros) for one hour of digital assistance

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beego in Beringen

City of Beringen

Besides operating five digipoints, the city is also betting on laptops with digicheques for support. These will initially be distributed to vulnerable families, with subsequent provision of digicheques for other citizens.

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beego in ninove

City of Ninove

Ninove’s social house provides digicheques for people entitled to an opportunity tariff

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City of Saint Trondes

City of Sint Truiden is going to help vulnerable young people so that they receive digital assistance to make it easier for them to attend classes remotely. Moreover, the Beego students are a source of inspiration for the high school students they assist.

BEEGO logo Krëfel


If you have just bought a new PC, smartphone, smart TV or even a smart doorbell from Krëfel, you can order a BEEGO digicheque with it straight away. Then a BEEGO student will come to your home to set up and explain your device completely. With digital assistance from BEEGO, Krëfel offers a service that goes that extra mile!

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KBC bank

Customers of KBC bank are offered a discount on BEEGO services. This discount is available at KBC branches. This is how KBC helps their customers take the first steps towards online banking via computer and smartphone.

BEEGO logo Neos


Members of Neos get all kinds of membership benefits at BEEGO. Clubs of Neos also organise group classes and digital cafes with BEEGO.

City of Pear

City of Peer uses Beego digicheques to provide targeted support to vulnerable families with digital skills

BEEGO Logo Digidak


Digidak has been active in E-inclusion in municipalities for many years. They provide free walk-in moments with volunteers who offer digital lessons and assistance in the municipality. BEEGO and Digidak offer a complementary and complete range through the combination of lessons and advanced 1-on-1 assistance at home by BEEGO students.

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BEEGO logo zorgbedrijf

Care company Antwerp

Residents and customers of the Antwerp Care Corporation can count on a range of services. This includes a reduced rate for using BEEGO’s digital assistance. The Care Company is one of BEEGO’s first partners.

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BEEGO VUB taskforce

The Flemish E-Inclusion Taskforce

BEEGO is part of the Flemish E-Inclusion Taskforce. The aim is to break through social isolation due to limited digital access or skills. This Taskforce  is a partnership of local governments, public institutions and civil society organisations, who have been working for years on digitally including vulnerable groups. The task force was initiated by Ilse Mariën, researcher at imec-SMIT VUB and adviser e-Inclusion at the Somers Cabinet.

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